a counseling center for pregnancy help and education.

"I felt so alone. I was falling and didn't feel anyone catching me... But, I am brave now and stong."-client stories

"If everone was busy removing the stones from all our paths, who would have time to judge the other? And if one of us would stumble and fall, maybe our judgement would be 'How could I have missed that stone? I am so sorry I didn't make your road smoother. Let me help you up so that we could walk together.' But, then that would be heaven, wouldn't it?" more stories...


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Volunteer oppertunities

PHD offers several volunteer positions to people interested in helping others who share PHD’s philosophy and mission. 
For more information, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 847-359-4919.

Intake Coordinator

Baby Closet Coordinator

Volunteer Professional

Events Coordinator

Building and Grounds

Data Entry

Intake Coordinator

Our core of Intake Coordinators are the first voices clients hear when they call PHD.  Intake Coordinators are trained to offer a listening ear to the various pregnancy related crisis situations. Intake Coordinators are also there to offer resources in the community and services at PHD, and to schedule an appointment for callers to come in to further explore their situations.

Trained also to work with clients one-on-one, Intake Coordinators perform an initial intake with all new clients, and open up the world of services offered at PHD, from various types of counseling to support groups to the PHD Baby Closet and more.

To prepare the volunteer to work in this paraprofessional role, each winter the Counseling Services staff offers an annual Intake Coordinator Training Course, consisting of twelve three and one-half hour sessions held weekly. Training Course topics include Listening Skills, Telephone Skills, Hospitality, Referral Skills, and Information about Adoption, Abortion, Sexuality and Pregnancy.

After training, the Intake Coordinator is asked to commit to one year of service, volunteering for four hours weekly or twice per month.. After at about six months of service, she is invited to further training by taking part in the Case Manager's Training and Development Program, which meets once per month throughout the year. While maintaining all of the duties of Intake Coordinator, the Case Manager is additionally trained to do pregnancy testing and planning.

Those wishing more information, or who wish to be included on a waiting list for this annual class, may call our Volunteer Coordinator.


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