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"I felt so alone. I was falling and didn't feel anyone catching me... But, I am brave now and stong."-client stories

"If everone was busy removing the stones from all our paths, who would have time to judge the other? And if one of us would stumble and fall, maybe our judgement would be 'How could I have missed that stone? I am so sorry I didn't make your road smoother. Let me help you up so that we could walk together.' But, then that would be heaven, wouldn't it?" more stories...


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Make a donation by mail or phone.  All major credit cards are accepted.

  • Help PHD and help your end of the year tax planning as well by donating securities.    A donation of securities - whether stocks, bonds, mutual funds,etc. - can help PHD when we sell the securities.  It can also give you a tax deductible donation for the value at sale, regardless of what you originally paid for them.  To find out more about how this strategy might help you help PHD (and Make April 15 a little easier), just contact Cathy Vincus at PHD.
  • Donate to the Gift of Grace Day Care Scholarship Fund, which has been established to help clients pay for child care for an interim time while they seek employment.  These clients must be highly motivated to work, have marketable skills, be actively seeking employment, and not be able to afford day care without employment. PHD will do this for no longer than 6 weeks for an eligible client.  Your contribution to this fund will help young mothers get back on their feet financially so they can afford their babies without relying on Public Assistance so greatly.
  • Donate to the Peggy O'Neill Client Needs Fund, which is an emergeny fund to meet the various needs of our clients.
  • Become a Spirit of Life member.
  • Designate PHD as a Charitable Bequest in your will.

For more information or to make a donation call 847-359-4919

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