a counseling center for pregnancy help and education.

"I felt so alone. I was falling and didn't feel anyone catching me... But, I am brave now and stong."-client stories

"If everone was busy removing the stones from all our paths, who would have time to judge the other? And if one of us would stumble and fall, maybe our judgement would be 'How could I have missed that stone? I am so sorry I didn't make your road smoother. Let me help you up so that we could walk together.' But, then that would be heaven, wouldn't it?" more stories...


About Us


PHD is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing professional counseling, education, and support services to anyone facing issues relating to pregnancy and its continuing challenges.


The foundation of PHD is the common belief that every human life is sacred. We are a unique organization comprised of donors, staff and volunteers who treat clients with respect in a non-judgmental, confidential, caring manner.

We minister to our clients, affirming and nurturing their wholeness of life by recognizing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs through professional counseling, education, and other support services.

We provide accurate information to our clients so they can make an informed decision based on fact. We do not refer for abortion, but are sensitive to the circumstances that would lead an individual to make this decision. We offer post abortion counseling to begin the process of healing.

We serve women and their families through the stages of pregnancy and the first three years of a child’s life, regardless of race, age, creed, economic or marital status.

As we journey with our clients we strive to preserve their dignity as individuals, give them opportunities for growth, and renew hope for the future.


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1927 - 1983
PHD Founder - Marrion Stocker

PHD began in 1968 as a one woman operation in Mrs. Stocker's home in Rolling Meadows. Marion Stocker launched PHD in response to a tragedy that touched her deeply.

Her son's college roommate had fathered a child, and he was willing to accept parental responsibility. Arrangements had been made for the couple to marry with financial assistance from the young man's parents.


Without his knowledge, the girl had an abortion and the young man was distraught. "There must be a better way to help young women in crisis," Mrs. Stocker thought and PHD was the answer. Marion felt if this young woman had been given the opportunity to talk about her fears and be treated with love and understanding that possibly there would have been a different outcome for this young woman and her son's friend.

So Marion took out an ad in the classified section of the Chicago Tribune that read, "Thinking of abortion? Let's talk about alternatives." Her phone began to ring off the hook. Marion enlisted the help of a group of women, concerned about the value of human life and they banded together to offer substitutes for abortion.

In 1971 The Society for the Preservation of Human Dignity was incorporated in the state of Illinois, making PHD the oldest crisis pregnancy center in the state. Marion believed that a young woman with an unplanned pregnancy was stripped of her human dignity when she was rushed off to an abortion clinic without first being made fully aware of all her own resources and the many community agencies which are available to help her. Marion was determined to do what she could to preserve human dignity.

From this group of dedicated women, PHD has grown to be what it is today. In the midst of beginning this ministry, Marion suffered a great deal. She had several strokes, a bout with cancer and several heart attacks. She went home to the Lord in 1983. Like her model, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Marion Stocker truly loved- as a special individual - each person she came in contact with. Her philosophy, she said, is reflected in a quote from A Gift of God, Mother Teresa's book of prayers and meditations:

Every individual is special and important because each individual represents Christ. There is always the danger that we may just do the work for the sake of work. This is where the respect and love and devotion come in - that we do it for God, for Christ, and that's why we try to do it as beautifully as possible.

Marion left us all with a great legacy. Not only was this woman a visionary in her time, but a woman filled with faith and deep love of God. She would joke with those that knew her best and say, "If you think I have done a lot for PHD here on earth, just wait until I get into heaven!"

Today, we follow this same philosophy Marion left to us. We serve unconditionally and non-judgmentally, to share our gifts so that those we serve can begin to realize theirs. The relationship that develops becomes the foundation for nurturing the client to wholeness and new life.

Thank you, Marion,  for being the person that you are.
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