a counseling center for pregnancy help and education.

"I felt so alone. I was falling and didn't feel anyone catching me... But, I am brave now and stong."-client stories

"If everone was busy removing the stones from all our paths, who would have time to judge the other? And if one of us would stumble and fall, maybe our judgement would be 'How could I have missed that stone? I am so sorry I didn't make your road smoother. Let me help you up so that we could walk together.' But, then that would be heaven, wouldn't it?" more stories...


PHD is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing professional counseling, education, and support services to anyone facing issues relating to pregnancy and its continuing challenges.

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Facing decisions relating to pregnancy and its challenges?

  Assisting practical needs of pregnancy and baby care...

  Independence Highway - Sexuality And Relationship Education program...


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